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Trying to build up a successful business in todays fast paced world is a full time job, and it’s tough to take on the Goliath of your industry. With Techef however we understand this and in response have built our business on supporting digital marketing services for small to medium companies. These services include web design, development, iOS development and search engine optimisation.

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A complete range of services for all business types.

Techef specialise in Wordpress based websites, however we also provide services such as:

Universal iOS Apps iPhone, iPad & iPod

Company Wide Intranet Systems

Micro Websites For Promos Or Facebook

Database Engineering
For Data Heavy Projects

White Hat Search Engine Optimisation

Useful Tools Such As Calculators

Customer Relationship Management Software

Clean Code & Hassle Free Maintenance

Take a bite, out of the competition

Whether you need mobile software, SEO or a new CRM system we offer a variety of services

All of our websites are coded by hand from scratch, this means we can really push for the best search engine optimisation results possible. Customers usually go from page no-where to the first page in a month or so.

Sites are designed and developed in-house meaning you have complete control when it comes to getting exactly what you require. Modern languages such as HTML5, CSS3   & jQuery push everything to the next level.

See for yourself.

  • iMattic | Apple News, Rumours & Secrets

    iMattic is an apple news site, built on a tight budget, it’s a prime example of what Techef can do when giving such a challenge. Built on the Wordpress platform, the site needed to be easy to use, apple-esque and be able to operate with high traffic loads.

    It took a little under 3 weeks to build and setup, it meets all the current best practices and SEO has tripled the incoming traffic.

    View Site
  • Space Change | Premier Interior Specialist & Refurbishment

    Space Change are a fit out and refurbishment specialist. Working to a medium sized budget, we employed a modern style to ensure their website is just as stylish as their fit outs!

    It took around 2 weeks to build and setup this site. We ensured that it met all the current best practices, so far the SEO has tripled the incoming traffic.

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  • Bestimator | Construction Cost Estimator

    Bestimator provide a modern and intuitive way to find and calculate estimate construction costs. They wanted a website that blew their competing website out of the water. So that what we gave them.

    This site is build on Wordpress but uses interactive javascript to return data. All in all this mammoth took 4 weeks to build.

    View Site
  • B Beautiful 4 U | Expert Beauticians Offering a Wide Range of Treatments

    B Beautiful 4 U came to us with the idea of a fresh, modern website for their clientele to use that would incorporate an e-commerce layer as well as a blog and an iOS app for regular customers.

    We delivered a Wordpress based site that is not only responsive but that feeds the app with content too.

    View Site | View iOS App

Responsive design, what's it all about?

Starting life as a rare feature, which became a trend and ended up as best practice.

Every site built by Techef is fully responsive, meaning the layout and style changes depending on what screen your looking at the site on. This is great for your users as they can view your site on any device without having to struggle zooming in and out. Sites are made on the mobile-first concept allowing mobile devices to only load the stuff they need instead of loading all the desktop code as well as the mobile.

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